Looking Back: quotes from my archaeology professor

All quotes are from Kurt Rademaker, professor of Archaeology at The University of Maine, Orono.

Let’s talk about Atlantis today-everybody loves Atlantis

Stone pointy things

Towers made of stone-same source, right?

They’re big pointy things-it’s true

There’s a bar on the boat…I’m told there’s music in the summer months

You could film a zombie apocalypse in East St.Louis and you wouldn’t have to do anything-it’s perfect for it

Even god…himself…

Piltdown man is not any of the men in this photograph….he is also not the goose

Oh you english archaeologists are just pebble collectors hon hon hon

What a crock! This is really ancient racist thinking

That means someone robbed a grave and used a skull…which is creepy

We had a goat boy that lived in the woods

Did anyone else live in a place that had a local beast?

We’re gonna be talking about weird America, you know?

There’s also The Jersey Devil

A lot of people don’t know….that might be…not sure

And who is this lovely young lady on the right?  Snooki…Snooki with an I

Is Carl Sagan sexy? I don’t know

I would sign up for a moon trip in a second

I think it’s dogs that ate the brains

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