Home inspiration

When I was pregnant with my second daughter I painted our upstairs hallway. Initially I had started to wash the walls because I was in a nesting frenzy, and then decided to paint because I didn’t like the color anyway and it was in need of a revival. I had a warm white leftover from painting our entryway earlier in the spring. It’s also the same warm white of the baby’s room. Anyway, I’ve been needing another gallon of it but COVID hit, and I also just haven’t felt like I have the TIME to paint until now. But now I’ve changed my mind.

I’ve been so inspired by these two images lately (found on Pinterest). I love the idea of a dark hall opening into brightly colored rooms. My husband and I have a pink room, but I am thinking about repainting the baby and toddler’s rooms. Also I would love to paint the doors complimentary bright colors to each room. Not as fully bright as the yellow doors seen above, perhaps, I’m imagining more muted and warm, but we’ll see. Maybe it’s a day for picking paint chips and samples.

I also want to paint our downstairs floor, but that’s a bit more of a commitment time and energy wise.

Obsessed with this color blue and the moldings! Perhaps for one of the girl’s rooms…

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