New Moon in Aquarius

I woke up at 4:30 today so…this must be the day. Today will most certainly be the day my baby sleeps until 6 or later. It’s a new moon in the sign of Aquarius, a very powerful new moon. I am always ovulating right around the new moon which feels so appropriate as it is a time for planting and setting intentions. A time for the first seeds of growth, and then you check back in once the full moon comes and see how things are moving along. I like these cycles for my life, and I’ve been thinking a lot about passages of time and how we mark them. A year into a pandemic, not really working, looking after two kids (after birthing one of them at home during said pandemic) has lead to a particular sense of time.

The baby woke up at 5 and the day started. It’s now 2:17 and she’s woken up from a half hour nap. Passage of time during a day looks like meals and naps and deep breaths. During a week looks like meals and training with my mother in law to take over her business, and CSA pickups, and movies. During a month looks like my baby’s age, birthdays of others, menstrual cycles, moon cycles. During a year looks like pregnancies and births and jobs and birthdays and hair growth.

I am still committing to this space. I’m typing on my phone with one hand, while I nurse the baby. Dinner is prepped but I need to fold laundry and clean the house and write intentions for the new moon. In time.

Something I’ve been digging

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